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Thread: Death Ground Ep.1 Tournament Sept.10th - New Gaming League

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    Death Ground Ep.1 Tournament Sept.10th - New Gaming League

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to let everyone know that were a new upcoming gaming league, http://www.zgleague.net. It`s new and still yet a bit of work to do, but were here to let you guys know about our first featured tournament, Death Ground Ep.1 - 1v1 Clan Area.

    There will be prizes for the majority of our Q.Live tournaments so make sure you check us out, This is one of many tournaments for Q.Live and we have a full range of ladders for you as well, featuring 3 different instagib ladders. Live Shoutcasts, Prizes, do we need to offer more ?

    This Halloween ZGL has $500 in give aways for our Fright Night 2011 Event. Check out our site for more info http://www.zgleague.net

    Please take note, were still slightly under construction, we plan on getting big so jump on board today, we need all the americans we can get so sign up today! Unlike other leagues, we will ensure content, we will ensure the sign ups, we go OUT OF OUR WAY to make sure. We will provide the community with a place to compete where you can actually have some sense of pride, unlike the rest who dont even update their sites anymore and let spammers control the boards ... am I wrong ? Nike Shoes 20% Off ?

    Quake Live
    Battlefield 3
    Call of Duty
    Counterstrike : Global Offensive 2012
    DOTA 2
    Medal of Honor 2012

    Are You Ready ?

    Thanks guys and hopefully we see you there
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    Junior Member QuakeLifer is on a distinguished road QuakeLifer's Avatar
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    Very cool, count us in (signing up).

    - DV
    Leader | Imminent Chaos

    Official Forums
    Recruitment information

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    Senior Member SulitDaniel is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2010
    i love the new site! i suggest to post this on esreality.
    signing up now!

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    Posted on ESR, thanks for the tip, helps out a lot, the more the better!!! thanks master and DV

    2 more tournaments added gentlemen

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    Senior Member Adderall will become famous soon enough Adderall's Avatar
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    Nice site, but where can I get nike shoes at 20% off? zgl on gamesurge?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Undertaker12 View Post
    Thank you. You're video is ok... you need a better cfg than that, and you should try using electronic songs like my movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adderall View Post
    Nice site, but where can I get nike shoes at 20% off? zgl on gamesurge?
    fail troll is fail


    I love your site Adderal

    and how its all european content and its a joke like the american ladder on clanbase.com

    fail harder at thinking you have something to be proud of lol
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    Junior Member KAM1KAZ is on a distinguished road
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    i signed up, im looking for some competition

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    wait if im in europe can i still join ?

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    American League, Since im focusing on small events 1v1, 2v2 im sure if enough Euopeans had the interest sure.

    With the way the Euros have it I would move out there just for the leagued play, if you dont play League of Legends or Counterstrike, America is pretty much dead =(

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    Were at about half capacity, we need about 16 more people to sign up

    Theres 5 Small sized tournaments to conclude by Oct.31st

    Death Ground Ep.1 [Quake Live - North America]

    1v1 Clan Arena Online Cup Single Elimination

    32 Player Max

    Prizes: $60 cash or a Pro Account from ID Software for 12 months

    Rules Set: http://www.zgleague.net/forum/m/2318...ath-ground-ep1

    Map Pool:

    Almost Lost
    Furious Heights
    Vertical Vengeance

    Game Type: Clan Arena
    Round Limit: First to 10 Wins

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