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Thread: video rendering, at which settings?

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    video rendering, at which settings?

    hey guys!

    so i have been saving my butt off recently to build myself a new computer from the ground up. 4 x 3,0 GHz, 8 GB RAM, Geforce GTX 460 and a 1 TB HDD should be sufficient, i think.

    One of the main reasons was video editing, and i know how it works in theory, i just dont get files from vdub that i can work with. They either have terrible qualitiy or cant be used in vegas because the preview stutters like hell.

    So what settings do you guys exactly use to render your videos? i mean both for vdub and vegas.

    On a side note: Most of my videos (when rendering with vegas) take anout a minute to not render at all. The function works, but the preview shows nothing and i just get a 2 MB file without any video data. I guess that happens when the source files are too big, so what size should i go for (again, bot for the first avi and the final movie)?

    I'm not new to video editing, but this cl_avidemo, then rendering gives me massive headache right now.

    Hope someone can help me with this

    Edit: Oh, and i tried to find a tutorial, either for rendering itself or for quake specifically, but all i found said "then render your movie" without any real hints at codecs, quality or size....
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    The preview always stutters, especially if you captured the screenshots at very high quality (1080p): depending on resolution and fps, the datatransfer is too big for a HDD to handle in real time.
    If you added effects, it will also load your CPU and it can go downhill pretty fast.

    If you want to judge fluidity and overall feel of a movie, you have to do a quick render (render and export/save as) and run it in VLC, WMP or another program.

    Usually the fluidity of a movie will not be judged in an editing program - it's just for editing.
    You know what's in a scene, you synch in-game sound and/or sound track to key elements from the footage (hits, turns, etc), usually a real-time preview isn't really needed.

    How to make a top movie: overall guide with lots of useful links.

    x264 encoding update (screenshots have gone in that tutorial): x264 is the most powerful encoder. Even with 1080p and 60fps good results (well, awesome results) can be achieved, but people wanting to watch the movie will need a beefy PC.

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    if your building a AMD get a 1090T

    Amd 8350 - 4816.08 MHz on air
    Crosshair V
    Asus GTX660 DirectCU

    Quote Originally Posted by Undertaker12 View Post
    Thank you. You're video is ok... you need a better cfg than that, and you should try using electronic songs like my movie.

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