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Thread: Sound problem with Linux

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    Sound problem with Linux

    So of 80% the game si join i have no sound on start. when i type

    I rejoin the server and most of the time i get sound. BUT most when that's the case around 70% of the time i cannot move left or right. So i type

    At this point i have sound and can navigate as intended, but i have to rejoin my team and often the spot is gone so i have to search for a new server

    Most of the time i join red server but only very few are available, and if i join a yellow server people quit and call me a hacker...

    Maybe someone here has a fix for my sound or navigate issue, thanks!

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    Senior Member wolf1e is on a distinguished road
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    running esd, arts or any kind of "sound server"? try disabling it.

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    For sound problems, tell us more details like distro/version and as wolf1e says, sound server. I've just written to another player here, he doesn't have sound at all but check his thread anyhow, maybe you can help each other :)

    When you lose mouse focus, check in_nograb 0 and perform an in_restart. Also when I use window mode and map loads when my mouse is outside of game window, sometimes I need to drop down console, click somewhere outside on the page, click back inside the QL windows and close console to get mouse back.

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