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Thread: Configs??

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    Anyone know where I can find a good rail config or care to share some info on it??


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    Het Scuba, practice makes a good railer. I've played Quake a long time and I'm just starting to control my rail action, but believe me when I say there are a lot better railers then me.

    Can I share some info...sure, but what works for me might not work for you.

    First I have found that if I speed my up down motion called "pitch" in config file and I slowed down my "yaw" in the same place, I have found threw trial and error my comfort zone.

    Now what that comfort zone is ...to you... is irrelevant because, like I said earlier what works for me won't necessarily work for you.

    The default setting I believe for both are "022". Now if you work from that and change your setting on pitch and yaw maybe 1 setting you try ".029" and another setting you put at ".010" you will begin to find that by adjusting these parameters you might find a happy rail medium.

    But remember all the adjustment of settings are for nothing....they mean absolutely nothing and I repeat nothing ...without practice and experience.

    and another thing....sensitivity setting is another factor.

    So there is a whole lot that goes into what is the best rail config, but only by trial and error and a lot of frags being inflicted on you ill you ultimately one day say hey with my wrist action and settings I found the perfect setting foe me.

    I hope I have given you a wee bit of insite into this and happy Quake fraggin.


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    -^ +1 ...Like he said just trail and error. You could always play with zoom. that might help you a bit. But practice is the most important.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Undertaker12 View Post
    Thank you. You're video is ok... you need a better cfg than that, and you should try using electronic songs like my movie.

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