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Thread: BlueJays OSP Cups

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    Cool BlueJays OSP Cups

    Hello Quake community

    As the name suggests, I would quite like to organize a small tournament in Quake 3 OSP,
    anyone who likes can sign up here: www.bluejays-cups.jimdo.com

    Hope there will be a few people, that want to play.
    Servers are provided from my team.


    EDIT: I hope im allowed to post an announcement about a quake 3 cup ^^
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    no one interested? =(

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    Junior Member LapeJoe is on a distinguished road
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    You might get some people if you post it on Esreality, they have some OSP fans.

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    Why did you steal the logo from the Toronto Blue Jays


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    i didnt steal the logo ;D

    and thx for the info with esreality ill try there

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