With JeeSports Quakelive Championship Series 2011 (JSQL’11 Series) JeeSports continues reinventing itself with the objective to energise Quakelive competitive scene, involve a larger number of players and stream viewers. This Championship will be some kind of previously JeeSports Pro Invitational Cups.

JSQL’11 leverages JeeSports tournament series capabilities whereby players of a tournament automatically earn points which are used to rank them on the series. Every months JeeSports will host a number of qualifiers. Those qualifiers will contribute toward player series ranking. Once a month we will run playoffs with the top 16 players of the series with total prize of 160€. You will find all useful links below with all info, read them please.

JSQL'11 August Championship Calendar, JeeSports QL Championship Series 2011 - irc-channel: #JeeSports.QL

Create your own account at JeeSports.com, and sign up for any tournament you want on the main page.