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Thread: skin models

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    Smile skin models

    I've heard the reason that we don't allow custom models is because you might be able to cheat with it?

    eh, with force models on that eliminates the possibility doesn't it? I Miss the days in q3 arena that I could walk around as homer simpson and kill people.

    also, If I know someone who has made their own model, how do/should I report them?

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    first off i have never heard of so called cheating with skin models and second off what is the point in reporting them lol there is no real reason to do it

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    And how in the world would you know they made their own model?

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    well I searched the thread, knowing older threads had to have been made about skin models, and in it, they were worried about clear/glass like models that would be hard to see. perma invisibility for example.

    It was another user who said that, not official or anything but it makes sense...
    if that's not the reason, what is the reason?

    well I assume he made his own model simply because he is the only one that I have seen walking around with it.

    ...as for reporting I was only saying that if it is against the rules I would do it.
    if it's not against the rules, I don't care.
    if it is against the rules, then I would report them and give them the benefit of the doubt, that they know what they are doing and why it's not allowed.

    As I said in my first thread, I would love to have custom models so I could walk around as homer simpson or whatever I want.

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    The problem is not that others will see (or not see because invisible as you say) the model because they wont see it, they will see some standard Quake 3/Live model, pretty sure it has always been like this, other players wont see you custom model since they never download it from you..

    The problem is that you can use a model for the enemy players that will give you an advantage, attach some long lines to it that will go through the walls or something so that you know that they're behind the wall for example.

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    lol even if they have the model just turn on fore enemy models.............

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    Actually you can't set model which is made by you due to pure server setting. So in other words you can use only official models/skins, so if someone is using it, it is in game already.

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    Nonsense...it's just a bot - Its Quake... not Sims;p

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