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Thread: Quitting CTF before end of game...oh and a different map.

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    This was the same before the bug. It's not this new, temporary glich making people stay in their team. It's just a general approach in a game where losses and wins are counted and public to everyone.
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    Agreed on the quit becomes a loss in the stats.
    Generally, a quit would be interpreted as a "forfeit", so counting it as a loss would ameliorate the problem.

    guys btw, im not real viju, my name has a underscore, im mr. wannabe :P

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    It's true there may be genuine reasons why you may have to quit. Food ready , telephone etc but generally quitters quit because they can't stand another loss on their stats. People won't swap teams because of their stats.
    Something has to be done to try and stop it as it never used to be a problem before stsats were introduced.

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    in ca if its the last round and a 1v1.... dont let people leave..... just put the usual outcome already happening so no point leaving :@

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