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Thread: limit switching

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    limit switching

    seriously, just played an 8 player game where no one except 2 people had a score above 4 because they switched teams the entire game.

    there weren't making teams even or anything like that, they were just ruining the game for everyone.

    I think team switching shouldn't be allowed at all, or at least put a limit to only once or twice a game. I'd even settle for 4 times a game as long as there was some kind of limit to show some restraint, the 3 second timer isn't scaring them.

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    sometimes you need to switch teams,this is 100% in the wrong place btw

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    Thank you. You're video is ok... you need a better cfg than that, and you should try using electronic songs like my movie.

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    I think more limits are needed on public servers, like for voting so that one person cant just spam votes. This is also a good idea, at least during matches.

    3 seconds is to weak and no one would need to change team every 3 seconds during a match.

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    do you think id or quake live listen they just take your money and say F@@@ you and laugh all the way to the bank aint that right forum monkey moderator !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adderall View Post
    sometimes you need to switch teams,this is 100% in the wrong place btw
    "Discuss QUAKE LIVE as a competition game, current tournaments, and other competitive events."
    This is in the right place and I've played many countless board , computer and field games that you didn't have to switch teams nor did we ever. It's no longer competitive play if people are switching. Step out of the box and think of solutions that solve problems instead of answers that justify them.

    We had a kid growing up that had to leave our neighborhood hockey game early every time. Guess what, he never played in a game again.

    My buddy would come late to every golf outing because he was late for everything in life. Started telling him false tee times so he would actually be there early. He didn't like having to wait for us to arrive so he'd call the pro shop and find out the tee time and would come late again. Started putting the tee times under James T Kirk (fake names), problem solved.
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