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Thread: Make All OS Systems play QUAKELIVE

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    Quote Originally Posted by thecoupe View Post
    Do you have Red Hat or something? What distro do you have?

    Intel or PowerPC?
    Probably Ubuntu if it came packaged with whatever his Mom bought him. That seems to be the popular thing these days. Just taking a guess because I'm bored.

    QL executable won't run on ppc macs, although I imagine by now that someone has built the Q3 source for PPC.

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    Who told you Linux doesn't work? worked fine for me, it has native 32 and 64 bit linux support.
    As a linux player i always load the maps faster than everyone else.

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    So actually I still use 10.4.11 and FF3 to play Quake Live on my MacBook and it runs flawless with my normal Set up for more FPS and about Linux so and OpenSUSE It also works flawless so far haven't had any troubleshooting with any of those OS's only my Internet does hate to play Quake Live -.-''.

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    You can download Ubuntu online, completely free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Undertaker12 View Post
    Thank you. You're video is ok... you need a better cfg than that, and you should try using electronic songs like my movie.

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    I was struggling so much with my Mac that I installed Windows 7 on a partition. The difference is like night and day. Windows 7 handles the game so much better in every way. All the features in the browser and game work correctly. But most importantly and this shocked me quite a bit. I was getting 60 - 70 fps on every map using the lowest video settings with my Snow Leopard. In windows 7 I'm getting 125 fps constantly using the highest video settings possible. It's beyond smooth. Anyways, I just wanted to post an update.

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