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Thread: Quake Live Duel Guide

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    Try FaceIt. They have a match system that works more or less.
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    Anyone care to expand upon "2.2 Positioning"? All I see there is "..."

    I often find myself out positioned. I can time items great and dandy, but when it's time to grab said item - I'm always in a disadvantage to obtain the item (nades/rockets being spammed, rail gun always hits me from some obscure angle, getting pinned by LG)

    The thing is, if I decide to fight before picking up the item, the other play just rushes and gets it :/ If I rush and get it, I get spammed and killed.

    So I tried it from their perspective, and it just doesn't work and/or isn't as effective as it was used against me. D:
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    Thank's so much, the best guide I've ever seen for anything aswell as outside quake!


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    Hah. So, I'm definitely getting better. I'm below 1100 elo and just beat a 1499 elo duel player (he's a "Master" elo rank for CA too, like 2200)

    He was super aggressive. I just tried to keep calm and keep timing the items. He wasn't doing that at all. Just chase chase chase. And he ate rocket after rocket after rocket.

    It was fantastic. I won 11-7 vs. Zereck.

    /holds trophy

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    thanks king_ for an awesome thread..

    Yes this is one,if not the best thread I have come across in the QLF's
    I thought I would have to say thanks to King_ for starting it,and may i add You did an amazing job IMO, with your presentation.
    And to those who offer valuable input thanks.
    I added this thread to my fav. bar as i know i will read it many times.
    Thanks for a very valuable informative thread!

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    Is theres anything to expand on this on the internet that someones found all nice? Pretty much everything in the early stages of this guide you learn within your first few hundred duels, and the Intermediate part is mostly blank same for advanced.

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