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Thread: Quake Live Duel Guide

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    one more for good luck

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    Doesn't sg only do 80 damage now?

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    No it does 110 max.

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    Senior Member pikaluva13 will become famous soon enough pikaluva13's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by DemonessKyoko View Post
    No it does 110 max.
    ok, I was thinking that it was 80, but now that you say that I do remember that it's 110 haha
    Also, did the RL get weakened in power? It seems like it's been taking more rockets to get the frags...(also, sorry for sort of hijacking your thread king_)

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    it's fine . some of the information might be outdated as of now. I'm basically just copy and pasting from other guides to get some info up and then I'll go back and edit it all.

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    Nice but.... do u think the choice of text-colors is good? Not really eyefriendly imo.

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    Stickied. Nice job King_

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    thanks RC13

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemonessKyoko View Post
    No it does 110 max.
    That is correct, two rings of 10 pellets each. The inner ring pellets do 7 dmg per pellet and the outer ring does 4 dmg per pellet.
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    Advanced Aerowalk Strategy

    by inertia
    written on July 14th, 2005
    contact me: inertia on #american, #terrafusion on quakenet, sollers.inertia @

    version 1.2, written on July 14th, 2005
    version 1.3, written on July 14th, 2005
    version 1.4, written on July 15th, 2005 (added defensive/offensive enemies
    and the momentum trick)
    version 1.5, written on December 13th, 2005 (added a link to my map

    I have come to be known as a "one map wonder" on aerowalk. While in dm2/dm4/dm6
    I am div3 or the very bottom of div2 in skill, in aerowalk I am able to fight
    on equal ground with the lower members of div1, and even the upper ones on a
    good day. My rapid skill advancement on aero has intrigued many, and I have
    been asked many times for guidance on how to play the map. So, I decided to
    ignore all those people individually and write a strategy guide for all

    The Fundamental Theorem of Quakeworld
    If I had to sum up the grand and essential theory behind how to play qw, and
    how to play aerowalk, it would be this:

    A) When you correctly guess what your opponent is going to do, you gain.
    B) When you incorrectly guess what your opponent is going to do, you lose.

    The inverse is also true:

    C) When your opponent incorrectly guesses what you are going to do, you gain.
    D) When your opponent correctly guesses what you are going to do, you lose.

    The implications of this theorem seem obvious, but make sure you take some time
    to consider all the ramifications of these four statements.

    Considering the Fundamental Theorem
    The rest of this document will be a gradual discussion centered on theory,
    which will change into a discussion on the actual practice of the theory.

    First, you must learn the map. This is obvious, but take the time to get the
    muscle reflexes learned so that you can execute your actions with the most
    efficiency. Again, if you do something your opponent does not expect, you gain.
    Speed and agility enable you to act faster and make tactical changes faster,
    which increases your versatility and flexibility when countering your
    opponent's strategy.

    Secondly, get in your opponent's head! Like poker, this game is all about
    psychology. If you can accurately and precisely predict what your opponent will
    do, you have him beat (unless he outaims you to such an extreme extent that you
    cannot stop him). If he seems to be a player that favors the high ground, find
    a counterattack to that strategy. Essentially, this follows directly from the
    Fundamental Theorem: figure out what your opponent is going to do, both in
    battle and while staking out territory in the map, and make him PAY for it. All
    strategies have weaknesses; it is the winner who knows how best to break down
    his opponent's strategies!

    Strategies are the decisions you make about macroscopic events, such as what
    items you focus on controlling or what part of the map you wish to dominate;
    tactics are the smaller-scale actions you take to win or retreat from a
    particular battle. The person with the superior tactics and strategies will win
    the match.

    There are four packs of cells on the map. When I say "cells" I mean the ledge
    in the middle of the map with just 2 cell packs on it. When I say "LG," I mean
    the lightning gun near the red armor.

    Also, this is a dueling guide. The concepts can be applied to other maps and
    team sizes, but I wrote this for 1on1 aerowalk.

    Spawn ******
    I say this about spawnraping:

    "You want the control of the map, so that when your opponent dies, you can
    maximize the number of spawnkills you get."

    Many say that quakeworld is all about spawnkills; I would agree with them. The
    strategy is this: You are fighting for the right to make spawnkills. If your
    opponent spawns and grabs the nearest rocket launcher before you can attack
    him, you can't kill him as easily. You have lost the right to kill him without
    any penalty to yourself, because he is probably going to shoot at you to do
    some damage. Kill before your opponent can fight back!

    In short, controlling the places where you can get the most spawnkills is the
    critical focus point of the map's strategy. In other words, in a game where you
    know where your opponent is at all times, campers can't win because they don't
    have anyone to kill! So you fight for the places where you can get "cheap" and
    "easy" kills.

    Hearing Enemy Movement
    You can hear alot on aerowalk. Listen for jumps. For example, when someone
    rocket jumps from the RA with the intent of coming out at upper-RL, you will
    hear three jumps right before he emerges from the hole. Shoot rockets at the
    appropriate time. Of course, your opponent can know that he is making this
    predictable noise, and could bunny for one jump, zigzag to the health, then
    bunny out again to the RL, which messes up your timing.

    Listen for item pickups! The single most vulnerable enemy is one who does not
    disguise his actions.

    Avoiding Being Predicted by Your Opponent
    Most of this guide deals with how to predict your opponent's thinking in a
    nice, psychological sense. This is where I explain with some more concrete
    details how you can avoid your enemy's prediction of your actions. You want to
    confuse your opponent so that you can escape, or snatch an item, or catch him
    off guard for a surprise kill.

    One of my favorite "moves" is the switchback: go somewhere, pick up an item
    near an exit, then turn around and go somewhere else. You will have your
    opponent waiting for you to emerge, and you can stick a rocket in his face from
    another direction!

    For example, if you are trapped at GL-GA area, with your opponent at mega, go
    up the stairs, pick up the health packs, and then quietly zigzag/run around to
    the upper-RL. Not only have you gotten a health benefit, but now your opponent
    thinks you are waiting for him to stick his head out where you can see him from
    the upper-SNG ledge! Another example is if your opponent has more armor than
    you, and would win a direct fight, you feint: when he comes up the RA stairs to
    get RA, bunny from upper-RL, pick up the cells at the lightning gun and throw
    some grenades or rockets, then bunny out of there through upper-RL. You will
    escape with more ammo and more health (which means less for him) and a confused

    The list goes on and on. Adhere to the Fundamental Theorem and all will be well.

    Limited Supply
    Ammo respawns every 15 seconds. Armor respawns every 20 seconds. Megahealths
    respawn 20 seconds after they run out (health returns to 100 or below).

    It should be obvious, that to "stay in the game," you must control the ammo!
    Armors and the megahealth are obvious focus points, but when you and your
    opponent fight and both retreat, make sure to take all the health you can, so
    that he does not recover as well! Additionally, if your opponent shafts twice
    as well as you, remember to spam rockets at the cells, and get them for
    yourself too. In this way, you can wage a war of attrition with your enemy, and
    cause him to venture further and further out of his comfort zone. An
    uncomfortable enemy equals a vulnerable one, and you can annihilate him easier
    when he is lacking ammo, health, and opportunities for attacking you.
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