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Thread: Linux Not enough Bots in Practice Match

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noirmoutier View Post
    I've got the same problems, it happens after the bot(s) try to change the skilllevel.
    Dunno, bot_dynamicSkill is 0, as has always been, I suppose...

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    Senior Member sperglord is an unknown quantity at this point sperglord's Avatar
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    Using Gentoo GNU/Linux here, I have a similar problem I think. If I load up a game with 8 bots one gets renamed to 'UnnamedPlayer'

    Since their bug fix a while back that kicks you for invalid names (beforehand it'd rename you to UnnamedPlayer) I'm sure the two are somehow related.

    So...I guess just mark this post as a +1

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    Ditto here. Also using Gentoo. The problem does seem to be reduced if I turn off dynamic bot difficulty, but that doesn't completely eliminate it. None of the suggestions I've found on the forum so far have helped, including resetting my config. I can't finish training with Crash because she gets kicked before it's finished.

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    Hello! I noticed that i cannot finish practice sesion with bot "Crash" because of her kick. She get kicked always after few frags. Reason is: was kicked for invalid name.

    That same thing happens when i want to practice random match in random gametype with random bots. All of them get kicked from game for invalid name.

    if i set directly skill of bot to example nightmare, they sometimes also get kicked.

    also i noticed that the sometimes bots do not change their weapons when they are out of ammo.

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    Someone chime in if I'm wrong but it seems like everyone this happens to (including myself), is using Linux. Or at least predominately. So that might seem to indicate there is some connection?

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    Same here. Linux user (Debian Sid), every practice match I start ends after a few seconds due to the bot getting kicked.

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    Junior Member Sweetchuck is on a distinguished road
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    This bug is long time ago exists, and very annoying.

    openSUSE 12.2
    nVidia 310.19 (GTS 450)
    FireFox 17.0
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