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Thread: Man Saru - my first Community Movie

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    Member Fattywhale is on a distinguished road
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    nicely done.

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    Senior Member belka_ is on a distinguished road belka_'s Avatar
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    Nice video man, liked the frags ( as the special pauses ) but i would say that music could be a little better. Well, 8/10. Nice man

    P.S. Finally i had seen a frag video where i get fragged
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    Senior Member satan_inside is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2010
    Thx again guys! Awesome to see so many enjoy it! ^^

    @chicapix: I think it was nice, with the first nade beeing very good and the other 3 like a suprise afterwards. turned out great with the short drop in music just when you jumped down

    @SixtyFive: The idea with the channels is pretty easy to get, so 2 before seems almost low. i couldn't name a movie, but i'm sure there are plenty using this idea. however, making a movie only with exclusive new ideas would be like the south park episode about butters trying not to copy any simpson's joke's

    besides, it wasn't really channels, although it appeared like that at first.
    it actually was the first tape. ^^
    see? just as i said to RedSlilias: no one will notice, hehe. ;p

    But joke aside, i fully agree, i'm not one of the best, but still i'm proud of how much i have improved since i started less than 2 years ago. So it's not like i'm not getting there one step at a time.
    Check my new Community Movie:
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