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Thread: Matchmaking system - Sharing my experience of successful ones

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    Matchmaking system - Sharing my experience of successful ones

    Hello everyone,

    I have recently been playing a lot of Starcraft 2 and League of Legends.
    What I find really alluring about these games is the automatic ranking and matchmaking system that they have in place.
    Having a simple way to get matched up with someone and play makes the games VERY simple and easy to just get into a game and play.

    Too often have I found myself waiting in a duel server for a long time, I go and do something else and come back to find myself kicked for inactivity, which is not convenient for the other player either.

    If we could have a simple thing (Like the Duel Detective we had a long time ago) where we could just press play and get matched up for a game... that would be AWESOME.
    You could even have a little "Approx queue time" like in League of Legends and say the wait for an FFA might be 5 minutes, at least then I would be able to go and do something on youtube before my match starts up.

    tl;dr - if Quakelive had a matchmaking system similar to SC2/LoL it would bring in more players due to ease of finding a balanced match and keep the current players more loyal than ever.

    I really want to grab the devs attention with this thread, please bump if you support my idea.
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    no replies whatsoever, really?

    nobody thinks this is a good idea?

    To be able to press 1 button and find an opponent in under a minute and play straight away...

    instead of the current sitting in a duel server for 30 minutes waiting for the 3 people infront of you to go first?

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    While you're at it, compare the userbase of SC2 and QL.
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    they know that this system sucks and needs change but you can support this in thread ladder system with match matching....we wrote xxxx times on forums and discuss on irc but we cant do nothing about it...
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    Add A Killcam Maybe?
    Only available for COD MW3 owners!Coming soon i next update....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anhedonic View Post
    While you're at it, compare the userbase of SC2 and QL.
    Absolutely right, in Starcraft the skillmatching works much better due to a much larger userbase to divide into tiers. Quake Live on the other hand has only about 30 to 40k of people loging in all around the globe, the amount of duels being played at any given time is simply not enough to justify something such as duel detective.

    Duel detective basically got removed because their idea of introducing premium and advertisements cut the userbase in half.

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    I remember Duel Detective in QL. It was great, i was using it often and I think many other people was and we loved it. Developers - please bring it back.

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    :/ i'm pretty sure that out of 2k uk players you can make a good skillmatch . i dont mind playing always the same five guys if they're matched to me .


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    It doesn't matter the player base.. first why is there such a small amount of players playing this game? Because of this ******** premium pro ****. If you make most of the game free and have an option of buying a sub then maybe more people would play. Even if 10 people are queuing for matchmaking and you get matched with the same 5 players its better than the current system.. an actually ladder would be formed and thus the competition would be more prevalent. This would cause more players to play the game IMO.

    I think comparing the game to sc2 and LOL is justified in that they are doing very well whereas this game is not. Why not take their model that seems to be working and apply to a game that is failing? The ability to experiment is valuable and it would not make sense to not use such a valuable tool.

    Please just give us an auto matchmaking, a ladder, a monthly tournament with spectating capabilities, and a restricted map list using only competitive maps. Hell! Make the game a one time fee to access such features of 19.99 or 29.99 and i would buy it!


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