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Thread: Breaking map control in TDM 2v2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fudge911 View Post
    Yup, like METSU vs nerfed at Dreamhack 2011. METSU won by over 150 points.
    You're comparing a championship team that has played together for a while against some thrown-together team for DH...

    Anyway, to break control in TDM there are multiple ways to do it. You can stay together as a team and try to take down the other team's stack little by little, feeding them kills but ultimately weakening them. You could slowly stack up and go for powerups (Quad, Regen, Battlesuit) and use them to regain positions on the map, especially on double-powerup maps like Grim Dungeons or Purgatory.

    There are many ways to win and many ways to lose. Watch VODs from European teams in events like ESH, EMS, FTP, and DH, and listen to the commentary and watch the players. That's really the only way to learn what to do by watching the best perform.

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    I'm comparing the r4pe. You can be r4ped anywhere, from random public games to professional tournaments.

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    lol help no yes ?

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