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Thread: How the hell am I supposed to learn to duel??

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    Quote Originally Posted by psychopower View Post
    just play against people with a similar %LG as you.
    i found as a rule of thumb my chances of winning get really slim if my opponent has more than 7% lg accuracy than me.
    i have 25% and i have good chances of winning vs 22%-31% LG.
    You have 12% so i think you should look for opponents -under- 20%
    Lots of good players in Duel so you got to be patient to find the right opponents.

    watch that when u have time 2 kill
    Finding someone with similar LG % is NOT the way to go. LG is one of many guns you can use. You can have a weak LG but have better positioning, timing, and better accuracy with other guns.

    King_'s guide is very informative on basics. As there are also many other good guides out there as well.

    Pretty much in a tl'dr format, the super basics of duel.


    Right there if you can hold amazing control, and have great positioning you dont need amazing aim. If you can have good control and amazing aim then your positioning doesnt need to be amazing, as you can get away with more shots.

    My recommendation to you is. Pick one duel map, probably dm6 as you already know that map from CA or FFA...
    And just continue playing that one map, over and over. Learn the routes, angles, hiding spots, learn bridge to rail. Learn ambush positions, learn how fast it takes your opponent to get from point a to b.

    If you're not in control, slow the game down a bit. Try to do dmg but not take as much dmg. Steal yellows and shards. Try and hold timing of at least one major power up (Red or Mega) and once you can push them off that item or steal it then you loosen the choke hold they have on you.

    edit: When I say "hold timing of at least one major power up" I don't mean go run in and grab it. Get close enough to the item so you can hear when it gets picked up and maybe shoot rockets down or something. Just make sure you can get away. I think someone on the first page with all those links to videos linked the Rapha vs. Cooller on DM6. There are many examples of how Rapha holds timing on Red or Mega while he's under the strangulation of Cooller's control.

    The only real way to do this is practice. Dueling is rough to learn since very small mistakes can turn into frag after frag. Although once you learn it you wont want to go back to CA or FFA ;]
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    Grit your teeth and try and make it work. It takes time, and it's frustrating as hell, lord I know. But I love it.

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    This game mode requires more discipline than pretty much any other game you can try and learn. Just stick with it and eventually you will become more relaxed and confident.

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    Looking for European noobs who want to learn duel, preferably with equally terrible aim (21% LG anyone?). ^_^ I know the duel maps (I don't play dm6 though), my movement is okay, but I need to learn timing items and get a better sense for fights (weapon choice, positioning, prediction). Just add me and maybe we can play a game or two, see if we're on the same level.

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