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Thread: king_ suggestion thread

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    Lightbulb king_ suggestion thread

    I formerly had a place where I would keep a list of my suggestions for quake live but since the beta forums have been erased I'll start a new one.

    • shiskabob - given to a player who kills two or more players with a single rail

    • gillz's scoreboard http://www.esreality.com/?a=post&id=1922853
    • ability to switch between players in demos
    • ability to see accuracies in demos
    • more streamlined demo viewing process (on-screen rw, play, pause, ff)
    • ability to turn on/off auto record demo/screen shot while spectating
    • ability to spectate teammates while frozen in freeze tag
    • players who die in freeze tag from environmental damage should spawn frozen
    • flag capture time should be from time of initial pickup until time of cap (dropping the flag and picking it up again should not reset timer)
    • you should be able to kick a player during a game
    • duel spectators should be able to participate in kick votes
    • kicking someone should not allow them to rejoin the server for at least a minute
    • while in game you should be able to see what of your friends are online by typing a command like /flist
    • a sound notification to notify CA players that they are the last alive on their team
    • more easily customizable enemy model colors (like that of q3's)
    • more easily customizable self, team, and enemy grenade colors
    • there should be a spectator option to follow player with the highest score
    • there should be a spectator option to follow player with most health+armor
    • in CA dead players should auto-spectate the player on their team with the highest score
    • dead CA players should cycle through teammates as they spec them and they dye (currently when the player you are specing dies you go into ghost mode)
    • In freezetag there should be a beep sound when you are in rage of unfreezing a teammate

    • Threewave Capturestrike - CTFS
    • promode -cpma
    • CA freezetag
    • CTF freezetag
    • Rocket Arena - RA3

    • Ability to play user-generated maps with friends
    • q3wcp9 - spider crossings
    • tblm4 -
    • some of the implications of overkill redux - ctfscp5 on overkill
    • ctf spawns in opposing teams base should be eliminated
    • aerowalk spawn on ra should be eliminated
    • vertical vengeance spawn on health should be eliminated

    • overhead views of maps and that show personal heat zones (like that of halo) or what I've done for ql.tv http://www.quake-live.tv/news.php?nID=95
    • ability to see win/loss, accuracy and weapon frag totals against a specific player.
    • average ping
    • ability to compare and contrast statistics with other players using some time of line graph system

    • premium and pro members should not be logged out for idling
    • while watching streams on quake live you should not be kicked for idling
    • while in forums you should not be kicked
    • GTV
    • ability to see other player's cfgs
    • ability to upload demos
    • ability to browse personal demos from a list to be played
    • instead of profile of the week, demo or cfg of the week
    • ability to search clans
    • ability to apply to a clan
    • ability to find players by searching clan tags
    • a players chosen model should be holding their most used weapon on the website
    • you should be able to create categories for which to organize friends
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