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Thread: Why are people complaining??!

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    Why are people complaining??!

    Come on, it not like ID is asking much from our community, I mean, $48/30 isnt that much for a year, Im sure anyonne could affors that, and thats for the pro service. Premium its just as half as less.

    We have got the greatest deal from Quake live up to now, that doesnt mean that there wont be anymore, just think, no that Quake live is being supported, think of how much they could improve.

    At least its not like blizzard, 10 monthly for WoW and sarcraft 2, that adds up to 120 a year.

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    The people that keep complaining just want attention.

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    a) id's track record with updates is sketchy. We are promised nothing but "frequent updates". It's vague, people don't want to pay for a while year and after that year is done have nothing but 2 maps and a bunch of code fixes to show for it.

    b) If I recall correctly, only something like 3-5 of the new maps were made by id. Everything else they are offering (other then the ability to host private games on id servers) was made by the Q3 modding community many years ago.

    c) denying new maps/updates to people who cannot/wil not pay causes community fragmentation, and there were already not enough people playing this game.

    You want an example of paid content / pro memberships done RIGHT? Go look at Killing Floor. Something like 95% of the playerbase owns the paid DLC skins. WHY? Because they wanted to show support for the rest of the game being so unbelievably awesome and say thanks for the mountain of extra content that was ACTUALLY MADE BY THE DEVS. And that doesn't even bring into account the billions of awesome maps made by the mod community for that game.

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    I agree, why are we complaining about paying for just small things like maps and mods?

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