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Thread: Ctf bracket

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    Ctf bracket

    hey, Tbonetime here. I had a post about a CTF tourny on a the site before QL exited Beta. right now we have about 4 teams signed up for a MIDDLE TIERED CTF tournament that I am hosting.

    IF your team is interested, please go to (im not savvy enough to create a tournament website)


    and go to the Quaker Oatz tournament thread and post your teams roster.

    It will be 5v5, and the map pool will include maps that have been added in the big update.

    *I understand that most tournament play is 4v4. This is just for bragging rights, and to make it the most fun possible, I want to give more players a chance to play.*

    This is a great opportunity for up and coming clans to get out there and show people what youre made of. I cant see why teams arent taking advantage of this.

    you can hit up IRC too. On a GAMESURGE server, go to #.GAT.
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    **Disclaimer** this was originally posted on the .GAT. forum, so whenever it says "post on the forum" it does not mean this forum. it means .GAT.'s. **
    IF you are an Elite clan, for example, in one of the higher divisions in the NA BiBS, you will not be permitted entrance (no offense)
    Double Elimination, there will be a winners bracket and a losers bracket. each bracket gets best 2/3. SO, if one team loses the first round, (only wins 1/3 or 0/2) then they move onto the losers bracket.

    Seeding will be determined by TboneTime, the admin. (There will be absolutely NO Bias. .GAT. will face an opponent of equal or greater skill.)
    5v5 CTF, Played on a private server provided by the clans involved in the match. If for any reason one clan does not have 5 members, it is an automatic FORFEIT, and they can RESCHEDULE the other 2/3 games of the series. If they don't have a 5th by the following game, then they lost the round.
    ALSO, if you have 5 members in a game, you must have another member ready to get in, though not spectating. That way, in case of a Mac Crash (I know ALL about them) or any other connection issue, there is another clan member ready to jump in. however, the other original member only has 1:30 minutes to get back into the game, unless the replacement is of worse skill. (therefore if a team is sucking they get their worst guy to "disconnect" and bring in someone else.... but if that guy is doing better then its an illegal substitution and the game is forfeited. (this is only to be fair... starters must play the entire match.) next round can continue with that member as part of the original roster.

    First choice is by Gauntlet duel. both players must be 100h 100a. after the first match, the losing team gets to throw a map out of the pool, and the team that lost the gaunt duel gets to choose the map out of the modified pool. If a 3rd match happens, then the team that lost the 2nd match gets to throw a map out of the pool and the 3rd map is chosen.
    Troubled Waters (ctf2), Stronghold (ctf3), Ironworks (ctf7), Siberia (ctf8), Courtyard Conundrum (ctf10), Fallout Bunker (ctf5), Japanese Castles, and Stonekeep.

    NO SPACE. xD
    -------IN case of suspected cheating, make a demo and post it on the .GAT. forum.---------

    BOTH captains must provide a final score screenshot, (if the other team presses next game before its too late, then under those circumstances a "previous match" screenshot will suffice)

    If one team does not post a screenshot, then that team Loses their next map choice, and they give up their map toss to the other team.


    IF you have any suggestions, post them (and be nice). These are the official rules as of now.


    Please dont criticize me, or judge me. This is only an attempt at sparking some kind of clan interactivity, and some community fun. I'm not from the NGL or GGL and I dont get paid to do anything close to this. Yes, I am capable of organizing and following through with this, no I dont care if you think the whole thing is stupid. ITS FOR FUN.
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