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Thread: Quake Live Suggestions/From Quake III

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    Quake Live Suggestions/From Quake III

    Anti-Camp It gets really annoying when people super camp. I think that at least a few servers can have anti-camp.
    In case you have never played Quake 3,and have not seen anti-camp this is what it is. Anti-Camp is a message that pops up saying something similar to this.
    Anti-Camper! Move or Die!!
    If you dont move then you will explode.

    Server Listing Style In Quake III the server selection looks different. You should have an option in SETTINGS section called "Menu Layout" and then you chose the layout you want Quake Live in.

    Quake Live-Offline Mode Let's say your internet went down and QL Online crashed. Well if you are somewhat used to this situation,and you have download Quake Live Offline for your offline playing.
    Quake Live offline is where you can still play but against bots (unless you have Quake III Arena) because even if you face bots in Quake Live, you have to be online.
    Anyone here play Q3? Eh, I am not FULLY into it but it has its times. Anyway I am always on the Raz3r Fr33ze Server. Name: Kenny
    Name of blog will be ExKennyKiller
    Consists of: Maps for QL and Q3, Full Version of Q3 (not pirated) just have to pay a bit in some way.
    Also you can reserve a page for free! Just post in forums!

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    Junior Member wem420 is on a distinguished road
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    Yes this would be fantastic. Intentionally bringing up this old thread to remind ID this would be fantastic, to have offline mode.

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    This is very bad, unless it dosen't work at the team that has less players.

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    Senior Member Grandbolus is on a distinguished road
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    Would be fun for start-a-match settings options.

    But, like some players say, camping is a valid strategy.

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    there is a setting , theres a icon right after "public matches" it reads "toggle advanced browser" its line based like quake3arena

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    you can drop rockets on people.

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