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Thread: Cannot start/run game. New.

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    Exclamation Cannot start/run game. New.

    I am new to linux, so maybe this is the problem. I go to quakelive.com, and it tell me I cant download because FF .4 not compatable. So I go to some different web browser and download it OK. I extract the files, and now I have "install.rdf" in some paper that satys <?xml <RDF and a folder named "plugins".

    I try to click install.rdf and Run from Terminal, and the box comes up, and then goes away and nothing.

    So I try to go to the quakelive.com and get into some game and it tolds me "You are downloading required data and must let it finish before you can join a match."

    What am I doing wrong? Probably lot of threads for this, but we have a big storm coming and I don't want to waste some time look for it, sorry.

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    do you have the download % at the top of the homepage?

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    You'd need to edit install.rdf and find the lines where it says which versions are supported and edit them to include your version of firefox. Then, repack the xpi file the same way it was before (it's just a zip file with a different extension). Then, file -> open file in firefox and open the xpi and it should install no problem.

    Alternately, you can disable compatibility checks for extensions within firefox.

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