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Thread: Mouse - heavy or light ?

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    Imo playing with the weights is just one way to adjust the acceleration. I noticed that if I have any acceleration and low friction, heavier mouse helps me to keep the mouse in control at high speeds. That is a bit the same thing if I just change the mousepad and keep the mouse as light as possible. (because of the friction)

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    I like my mouse the way I like my women: Small, light weight, nice shape, easy to handle, and black.

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    Quote Originally Posted by function9 View Post
    I like my mouse the way I like my women: Small, light weight, nice shape, easy to handle, and black.
    Yeah me also, it usually has to be black, very dark grey, though the coolest-looking mouse I've had has been a dark blue/purple. But not white.

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    i got me a wmo 1.1 (~20.-), its very light, my acc goes up ~5%

    still i like the shape of g9x much better. its definitely the most ergonomic mouse ive seen so far, flat an wide, but its double the weight, tripple the cash, bah. playing with wmo gives me slightly hand cramps, damn this (same as mx518)

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    have abyssus and mx518....after 1y or aby i like it,light,good shape and now im playing on mx for week and in start my hand fell off because of lifting it,now it is good since i get used on it....but when i use aby after mx i squeeze it hard and feels like it is piece of plastic....it really depends on your choice,try both and you will know....try now light mouse to see if you like them
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    Add A Killcam Maybe?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorfa View Post
    As light as possible. Weight = friction.

    I wonder if Logitech will ever come out with a g6, you'd feel so fly with it.
    So much lol!
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    only reason they added weights because its the same model as a wireless one

    Last 2 1/2 years I've rma 5 g500s in less then a year (ghosting tracking) and just recently 2 g400s in 5 months (usb connector/cable). The nice guy at bestbuy gave me a deathadder 2013 instead of a refund. But my mx518 still works great and i've had it for years, go figure.
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    Thank you. You're video is ok... you need a better cfg than that, and you should try using electronic songs like my movie.

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    F1 for "as light as possible". Heavy mouse can ruin gaming experience even with the both best glide/control pads.
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    Light mice are better from an objective standpoint.


    μ is the coefficient of friction, Fr is resultant force, Ff force of friction, Fn normal force, dv/dt acceleration.

    For μ we'll use the coefficient of teflon on teflon, which is around 0.04.

    For m we'll use a Deathadder (148E-3 kg) and a Zowie FK (85E-3 kg).

    For DA: Fn = 148E-3*9.81 = 1.45 N.
    For FK: Fn = 85E-3*9.81 = 0.83 N.

    For DA: Ff = 0.04*Fn = 0.0851 N
    For FK: Ff = 0.04*Fn = 0.0334 N

    So, to start with you need almost twice as much force to make the Deathadder start moving than you need for the FK.

    To make the mice accelerate to 1 m/s in 0.1 seconds (let's say you wanna make a flickrail).
    DA: Fr + Ff = 148E-3 * 1/0.1 + Ff = 1.54 N
    FK : Fr + Ff = 85E-3 * 1/0.1 + Ff = 0.883 N

    The same, almost twice the force required for the same acceleration. But you also need to stop the mouse when it reaches the target.

    From 1 m/s to a standstill in 0.1s, that's the same acceleration only in reverse.
    DA: Fr - Ff = 148E-3 * 1/0.1 - Ff = 1.42 N
    FK: Fr - Ff = 85E-3 * 1/0.1 - Ff = 0.817 N

    Still the exact same factor. You still require almost twice the amount of force from your hand to stop the mouse. That means the extra friction given from a heavy mouse does not help you stop the mouse. Some people think more friction (or weight) gives more control. Simple mathematics is enough to prove them wrong. Lower weight gives you both better glide AND better control.

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    I honestly think this is yet another "whatever you're used to" topic.

    How would you classify the weight of an mx518? Whichever category that fits gets my vote... :~)
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