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Thread: key binding

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    key binding

    hey i had to reset all my key to default now when i came too sorting my weapon change it will only register my scroll in 1 direction is there a way to set my scroll to change weapon both directions plz reply

    regards tripZ-

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    Member its4b is an unknown quantity at this point
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    type this in the console

    /bind MWHEELUP weapon 2
    /bind MWHEELDOWN weapon 1
    /writeconfig qzconfig
    /writeconfig autoexec
    /writeconfig repconfig

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    Do not /writeconfig qzconfig or repconfig they are meant to hold completely separate things.

    if you /writeconfig autoexec you NEED to remove any "web_" prefixed cvars from it or website functionality will fail (servers/practice games you spawn will have the wrong settings)

    If you use aliases at all you need to remove unaliasall from the autoexec.cfg or they will all fail.

    bind mwheelup weapnext
    bind mwheeldown weapprev
    to scroll.

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