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Thread: failed to open uix86.dll for writing

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    Member Incanus is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2010

    Error while entering server

    it said:

    ** failed to open uix86.dll for writing
    Please report the the problem you encountered on the Quake Live forums.
    You must reload the web page to make this display go away.

    ... so I did.

    Furthermore, more often than not, the loading screen ("loading items, players, awaiting screenshot") appears twice for me - first in windowed mode, then in fullscreen. When this happens, i can't see the "awaiting connection, awaiting challenge, etc." screen at all; and when I finally enter the server the sound and gfx lag for about 5 seconds. Additionally, the loading process takes painfully long.
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    failed to open uix86.dll for writing

    I met a problem,with "failed to open uix86.dll for writing" appeared.
    I can not resolved it.

    My OS is WIN 7,IE 8.

    I can not find some method to correct it .

    So, May be someone have some method to resolve it .
    reply,tell l me please !

    thanks a lot

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    anyone?any solution?

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    Same issue, no solution

    I want to play Quake Liiiiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvvvveeee

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    Junior Member therealfLx is on a distinguished road
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    me too. this blows, pay for an account and cannot connect. lame. very lame.

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    Junior Member McQuade is on a distinguished road
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    Had the same issue, ( I have made no changes to my QL setup or my PC for that matter - was playing fine one day then this issue happened the next), tried everything suggested in this and other forums and still no luck.
    I did manage to fix it though, by reinstalling windows....yes it's a pain in the but, but it worked!

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