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Thread: switch back Instagib to not counting in win/loss stats

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    I want instagib freezetag to be unranked.. that is just for fun =p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbulence View Post
    Quit less Aim better with Railgun Its What alot of players have been waiting for Thanks for making it Ranked [id] and how it should have been from day one. anyone disagree's then how about we make All other mods Unranked but leave instagib Ranked =p Sound fun ? lol

    Move Forwards Not Backwards
    I've never understood the ranking system and certainly wouldn't mind if it was removed altogether, all it does is force people to try and get wins and if they are loosing they quit, that is the only thing it does.

    also in insta there is a significant amount of very high level players and it can be hard (if not impossible) to find a match in your own skill level. Before you could all play for the sake of playing and it didn't matter if you lost with 100 deaths and only 20 frags, but now it is just annoying that you are forced to play against higher level players (or not play at all) AND you get a nice 'loss' mark against your name,
    this is why people are forever quitting, and not switching to level.

    I've just come from a match, my own skill level, 6v6 after we went 2-0 up 4 (count them 4) of the opposing team quit, luckily a few new players came in to level the teams, but it was obvious they were from highter levels as within a couple of minuets the scores were 4-3 against us, scored by the new players. THIS is not fair and I cannot help but think that without the stats the 4 wouldnt have left and it wouldnt have mattered that higher level players came in (luckily one of them then left and we managed to win 5-4)

    It is a bitter pill to swollow being on the winning stronger side and then a load quit and get replaced by better players and then being owned untill one of them decides to leave.

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