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Thread: AutoAction Demo Record Fails to Record Demo [merged thread]

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    Can't wait till the next update! From tonight:
    00:56.18 <SyncError|work> I've put in a temp fix so that it will record a 
            numerically ordered demo if the autoAction fails.
    00:56.30 <SyncError|work> It will also do the same if you input parameters 
            incorrectly on purpose..
    00:56.31 <SyncError|work> ie..
    00:56.38 <SyncError|work> record <blah> <blah>
    00:56.55 <SyncError|work> Will both include some verbosity to tell you how to 
            properly do it in the future:
    00:57.02 <SyncError|work> Correct usage: record <demoname>
    00:57.09 <SyncError|work> but then will also begin recording with a numerical 
    00:57.16 <SyncError|work> because we can safely assume you wanted to try to 
    00:57.32 <SyncError|work> This should create demos even when autoAction 
            fails... it just won't be named correctly.
    00:57.53 <SyncError|work> We'll have to test it a bit before next release, but 
            it should resolve the issue for now until we get a real fix.

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    Banned DCR is on a distinguished road
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    I dont think i have ever had a problem with the auto recording of demo not working. I find that puzzling that some things work great for others and for others it doesnt work.

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    Banned DCR is on a distinguished road
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    update: after that "temp fix", quakelive started to record with demo*xxx numbered file names for me. It was working just fine before that and never failed to record with proper filename before.

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    I've found a situation where you can still fail to record a demo.

    I hopped into a random FFA server and less than 1 second after I joined the match the game went from warmup mode to game mode.

    Sequence of events:

    Join Server
    Wait 3 seconds
    Join Match during warmup
    Wait << 1 second
    Match start

    Demo failed to record - or at the very least the demo recording icon failed to show up on my HUD! I'll have to go home and look to see if the demo was recorded but the icon didn't show on the HUD...I actually forgot to confirm that last part.

    Either way, this might be a peice of important information for this bug.

    GL ID!
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    Member LotBlind is on a distinguished road
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    So yeah this seems to be relevant still... about 1/4 of my demos have the name DemoXXXX. I have autorecord on. What else should I tell you? I think it's been like this for months if not years.

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