Can't wait till the next update! From tonight:
00:56.18 <SyncError|work> I've put in a temp fix so that it will record a 
        numerically ordered demo if the autoAction fails.
00:56.30 <SyncError|work> It will also do the same if you input parameters 
        incorrectly on purpose..
00:56.31 <SyncError|work> ie..
00:56.38 <SyncError|work> record <blah> <blah>
00:56.55 <SyncError|work> Will both include some verbosity to tell you how to 
        properly do it in the future:
00:57.02 <SyncError|work> Correct usage: record <demoname>
00:57.09 <SyncError|work> but then will also begin recording with a numerical 
00:57.16 <SyncError|work> because we can safely assume you wanted to try to 
00:57.32 <SyncError|work> This should create demos even when autoAction 
        fails... it just won't be named correctly.
00:57.53 <SyncError|work> We'll have to test it a bit before next release, but 
        it should resolve the issue for now until we get a real fix.