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Thread: LAN servers/package

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    LAN servers/package

    I have been a fan of quake for quite some time now and have been playing quake 3 at lans.
    My suggestion is to make some sort of a package for lanhosts so that they can host local servers to organize ql competitions.
    Perhaps just an install that will automatically run a minimized version of quakelive.com where admins of competitions can spawn servers for the local network.
    People would then be able to login with their normal account and the webserver would require a normal internet connection for fetching the accounts.
    But all of the gaming would be local.
    Now it's really a ***** to organize a ql competition cause the lan would need a big enough uplink to the internet which most hosts can't afford or just wouldn't do for 1 game.
    I think if their would be some sort of package like this alot more lanhosts would organize ql competitions which would attract more players.
    In belgium their are at least 2 lanhosts I know who want, to organize a quakelive competition but can't because they can't host local servers.
    I don't really think this would be that much work + with the money from the subscriptions it could be something they can put the time and money in.
    I also know what other people say when I suggested this: 'just host a Q3 competition, it's almost the same'.
    But it's not, q3 isn't free, doesn't have all the maps from the start and I see in QL the future of competitive fastpaced fps games, q3 had it's time, now it's time for a better version!
    If you read this post and agree with me please just post something in reply so that this post will stay alive and perhaps ID would consider my proposal.
    Also consider all the problems ql had at other lan events with the dos attacks,... this could be a solution!
    Thanks in advance!

    ps: I know that their have been some topics suggesting something like this, but they are old and not this specific
    ps2: sorry for any mistakes in spelling or grammar, I normally speak dutch

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    Of course, Id has server-side QL software. I think they had LAN feature. The problem is access to software and their license (probably NDA - no distribution allowed). Any further information you can get by mailing them to [email protected]. I dont know will they answer you or not, because I'm sure they have nice spamblock, who blocks every single mail except those who marked with right theme :]
    bind END "quit'

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