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Thread: Should I buy? The simple math.

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    Should I buy? The simple math.

    Like many of you, when I first heard that there would be a pay service added to Quake Live I though 'What? How dare they make money?'. That was until I decided to run the simple math.

    Last night I went to watch Inception, it cost me $10US for 2 hours worth of entertainment. This works out to $5 an hour, which I though was worth it given the movie.

    Now lets look at Quake Live. I play usually at least one hour a night, sometimes more sometimes less, but on average an hour. The Premium service costs $2 a month, so lets add it up. 1 Hour x 365 days is 365 hours. $2 x 12 months is $24. $24 / 365 = 6.5c.

    Lets compare this with a newer game like MW2. I paid $50 for this and have played around 40 hours, probably wont play much more. I thought it was a valid investment, I mean **** I got $1.25 for each hour of gameplay, that much better then I paid to go see a movie.

    So lets compare them:
    $5/hour Movie.
    $1.25/hour modern game.
    $0.065/hour Quake Live.

    Its not expensive, you are not getting ripped off, stop being cheap and support your game or watch it die.

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    Finally some good feedback.
    Well I assume that all the ragepeople are kids. Who just dont have the ability to pay. Well sadstory. Get your daddys card. I mean, even 50$ for 1 year, is nothing.
    And to they who think that Quakelive will die after 6months if uve payed for 1 year. They wont.

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    More than likely true. Now that Quake Live is being monetized, they're going to be able to pay for the servers and such.

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    The problem is quite simple: it was free earlier, and people always compare QL with Q3, which has a one time payment and free mods / stuff. They forget the simple and good working Interface, this pretty fascinating all in one solution which costs alot of hard work.
    Even if you just play like 6 hours a month i really dont think 1.99$ are too expensive for it.

    But on the other hand the anually payment is a crucial part where alot of people wont pay.

    I dont think they rip anyone off, maybe except the exchange ratio of currencies atm - but we'll see
    void addict.

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    Quote Originally Posted by relove View Post
    Just because somethings cheap doesnt mean that its worth paying for. Your logic doesnt make any sense. Im not going to invest my hard earned cash in a dead project with a bleak future.
    So why are you still here?

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