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Thread: Maxthon 3 support please

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    Senior Member DEICIDE is on a distinguished road
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    Maxthon 3 support please

    As I'm a devoted Maxthon user for quite a while, and now they put out a new, modern and fast browser - Maxthon 3 - I'd love to have the chance to play QL in it, just like in Chrome, FF, and so on.

    So my request is to make and support QL plugin version for Maxthon 3 if possible.

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    YES, im a maxthon 3 user. please make a plugin for QL, once it is d/l and installed thats it wont have to worry again.. cant be that much of a big project Quake people.

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    Senior Member RockvilleRideOn is on a distinguished road
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    Please can we PLEASE implement QL for Netscape... it's my main browser and works way faster than firefox on my computer...

    I also use Opera and Konqueror to surf the web, and would like the play Quake during my use of these browsers also..
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    Senior Member MexicanPadre is on a distinguished road
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