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Thread: Show Premium Servers

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    Show Premium Servers

    Show premium servers to non paying people, if they can't see them they don't know who's playing on them or will think nobody is on the servers and will most likely end up not get prem subscription.

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    F1 I would like to be able to see how active the premium servers are before I get a subscription

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    I'm pretty sure they already do. If I set my filter settings obscure enough (one server location only, viewing only empty servers, and skill matched), I see empty Premium servers. The list displays populated servers first, though. Kind of sad, if you think about it.

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    For me, no matter which filters I change, I can only see 3 premium servers at a time. Even then, sometimes a server won't show up when certain filters are used. Like selecting show private servers and duel gametype, 2 servers might show up. But selecting show all gametypes, a different duel server will show up. At least for standard players, the server browser is out of whack.

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    premium servers r empty too often!
    there should always be at least 1 premium server pop up in the serverlist!!! better: put them in first place, first 3 servers on the list premium so they get populated faster

    atm the only way to even see a prem is to change the filter to premium maps, ***!?

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    premium maps are shown with regular matches. but to be honest with you, most of them are in private servers.

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