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Thread: Quakelive crash on Mac OSX any browser doesnt matter

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    I will now send my ticket in to QL asking this question== "Why is QL for OSX still beta after 2 years and do you ever think you will fix it?"


    Thank you for contacting the QUAKE LIVE Support Team.
    The Mac version is not as far in development as the Windows version which is why it is still marked as beta. Once it catches up it will of course be moved out of beta and to release.

    The QUAKE LIVE Billing Support Team
    Basically.. you should bite the bullet..make a bootcamp partition and install Linux,XP or Win7.. You will then be able to play this game..

    Heee It's been beta for 2 years.. At this rate QL for OSX could become the next Duke Nukem (It took them 10-11 years?)
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    Oh ****, this is horrible. I love this game so much. I've bought a pro account. But you cant be serious about having to install windows! It seems like there are enough mac users to be taking the crashes serious.

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    i have same problem as omarnl

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    and also, beside the plugin crash, i go online/offline every 10 secs or so , and as im typing a message in, the QL home page just refreshes and clears everything i have typed and current discussions .

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    Crashes after a minute or so. Any browser. Mac OSX Lion 10.7.2
    Chrome 16.0.912.75
    Safari 5.1.2 (7534.52.7)
    Firefox 8.0.1

    Just fix it, plz!

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    Starting firefox in 32 bit mode and running quakelive in that seems to prevent the random crashes for me. Select your firefox icon, press cmd-i and check "Run in 32-bit mode".

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    Keeps crashing even in FF 32-bit mode

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    Any update on this ?

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    occurs with me too...

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    do id have a mac in their test lab. to se the error themselvs

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