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Thread: Quakelive crash on Mac OSX any browser doesnt matter

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    Junior Member capitancatarro is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2011
    same problem here :<

    FF 11.0
    Chrome 18.0.1025.162
    Safari 5.1.5 (6534.55.3)
    OS X 10.6.8
    Model Identifier: MacBook2,1

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    This is really ominous.

    I still play the original Quake 3 Arena on MacOS PPC.. even though ID have now switched off the master browser you can get small lists from the ioquake browser.. but still it does suck that they did that. Ok I know it's an old game but there are still 1000's of players out there on the original version(s).

    I really need to buy a new Intel Mac this year and I was looking forward to trying out Quake Live but it seems there is no love for the Mac version from ID..

    Really disgraceful that they will CHARGE you to go Premium/Pro on a BETA product that obviously CRASHES.. a lot.
    It should be Free for Mac users until they fix it

    Come on ID / ZeniMax / John Carmack - pull your collective fingers out ... please!

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    Same problem too. Also, when I play using Chrome, my mouse cursor does not disappear during gameplay. Its seen being stuck where the crosshair is. Very distracting but I often use Safari, Chrome isn't officially supported anyway.

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    same here... very laggy.
    Cant play smooth. Very ANNOYING

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    Junior Member ban is on a distinguished road
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    My fellow Apple users I completely hear you and I can share and partake the frustration from what it looks like in the crash logs in console (at least when its recorded) is that it is a memory leak that happens online only for the first time today I had it happen during a 1v1 as a spectator. I have submitted numerous logs to ID about this particular issue and as a paying customer I am highly wondering if staying a premium member is worth it even though I have been playing quake most of my adult life. HERE's the kicker......In FFA, TDM it doesn't seem to happen nearly at all but in Duel totally different story.

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    ye, same problem here! Pity!

    ye, same problem here! Pity!

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    I've got a similar if not the same problem. My problem, however, is that I don't know how to get any sort of error code or anything, it just reverts me back to browser.

    I'm not an OS X pro either, this is just my work laptop. If anyone could help me get any sort of log from my MacBook as to why this is happening, I'd appreciate it.

    In the meantime, I'll try this Fluid thing.



    Just tried fluid. Same problem.

    The odd thing is that it's only started happening tonight (May 6), after several days since update with no problems.


    Seems to be happening more frequently today. Crashed out of 2 duels so far this evening.
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    Why won't ID Software fix this issue for Mac -- Not only does it crash..but now none of my browsers will recognize Quake Live !!! This is really stupid and the fact I paid for an account without any service, knowing they have plenty of money and servers..will not fix these lingering issues now for over 2 years. What gives Id Software!

    Not only this, but my FPS suck under the OSX environment. If i run Q3A however WITH ioquake AND High Res textures-- no issues. If I run Quakelive via OSX... Suck.. If I run Quakelive on Windows or Linux with the same machine i get a solid 125fps..if I run on Mac.. 80fps and that's it.. ALL SAME MACHINE.

    Carmack..what the hell...

    Is there anywhere beyond these forums to actually talk* to someone about this???

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    When somebody connecting my client freezes and if I continue pushing buttons it crashes.

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