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Thread: Ive noticed...

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    We're removing useless threads. If you have a valid criticism of the new update, it's possible to post your opinion without saying "ZOMG ID SUCKSSSS STOP DELETING MY POSTS THIS UPDATE IS HORRIBLE"

    There are a lot of posts on here about the update that haven't been removed. The mods have always been around to clean up the **, and that's what we're doing. You're welcome to make a valid post with your opinions on the new update but please stop creating whine threads that make you sound like a 12 year old. They will be deleted.

    This isn't a forum free for all. All of the posts and bans are gone. It's a fresh start. It doesn't mean the rules have changed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by red3eard View Post
    jones can you show me one of my posts where ive said ql sucks or they are morons?
    I haven't deleted any of your threads.

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