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Thread: Defrag maps for QL

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    Defrag maps for QL

    This thread is about custom maps created for QL with the purpose to train movement. Here a DL-Link containing all "created for QL" maps: (Freakkilla´s maps not included, pls check his thread)
    The files in the link above are encrypted. They dont work now. I made the effort to convert them with QLDEC:

    How to install(windows):
    First make sure the files are set read-only, otherwise QL will delete them. Then put them in your main baseq3 folder, the one that contains all other QL maps. Path should be something like
    Harddrive:\Users\Yourname\AppData\LocalLow\id Software\quakelive\baseq3
    (Appdata is a hidden folder so make sure u can see it).

    Path for Steam Users:
    Harddrive:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Quake Live\baseq3

    How to play:
    Start a practisegame(for maps with flags CTF) open console, type /map mapname for example /map raztrainql_beta3, have fun. Some maps also can be selected like normal in voting-menue, but not all(if someone has a explanation would be cool to post it).

    In the following post i will list them with a short explanation. If they have Flags in there i will also make a top3-times scorelist. U can post your demos(like in my Fastcaps Thread ) and additional YT-vid if u want.

    Please remember that these maps(exept dcxpracticebeta2) were created long time ago in open beta times. We had some changes in physics(stepheight changed+chainjump) so they feel different to play from the time they were released. This is the reason i not like to link YT-vids with old physics(also if there is no demo its not safe if they are cheated) even if they have better times than me so far.


    Also a while ago [boon]Combo made the effort to convert maps from Q3 Defrag. Theese can be found here.
    Spakk converted some Freestylemaps, read more here.
    He also converted some Q3 runs and put flags in them, look here.

    However i do think because these maps were made for VQ3/CPM physics they not fit so good to train in Quake Live than the ones build especial for QL-physics. Still they are fun
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