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Thread: Defrag maps for QL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kavlo View Post

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    Forget it I was just trolling about your previous post

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    As a general rule, shorter distance vs greater speed?


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    Nobody replied to my two questions :
    -How to do the proximity mines jump in dcxpracticebeta2 ?
    -What are your best times on liquid-rebirth ? (I want to know if my time is good before posting it :S )

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    -How to do the proximity mines jump in dcxpracticebeta2 ?
    U need to mine yourself with 1-2 mines and shoot the rest on one point at the floor. Launch then with a rocket and time good....

    Nice run at Raz3r´s map
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    Oh , Since there is only one timer "esplosion in x seconds" I though I couldn't mine myself more than 1 time.
    Thanks you for the tips ^^

    Edit : Do you have a demo of the first prox mine jump ? I tried but I really dont understand :S
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    Why did you removed your time ?
    I think the more times are in the leaderboard, the more people will join the QL defrag community

    Edit : I tried atomicoz_box ... but I alwais fall from these F**k**g boxes. So I tried it in PQL and found a "little" shortcut :3
    I don't think it's a good idea to put a PQL leaderboard since all these maps are for VQL physic but I posted it to show it was possible.
    It can be improved easily but since it's more a "Fun" run, I will not do it. btw feel free to do it ^^
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    Is anyone know where we can download this map ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gK57BKvuQk
    look at comments, check andreicavoleau 's videos (yes it's me XD)

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    Can't find the map - maybe you could contact the author via the clan the map is named after -


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    Defrag maps converted for Quake Live

    A number of defrag maps chosen at random, some from youtube vids. PQL will be needed in a couple of cases.
    Timing flags are added, but don't show up in the map.

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/33426180/def...ith_timing.zip [58Mb]

    Start any practice CTF map, join as red, then callvote the map you want from the menu. If you want to run from console, the name is the same as the pk3 (case doesn't matter).

    Defrag maps should be run with practiceflags=1. This gets rid of the warmup message, and gives the correct ammo if the map has weapons.
    qlive_coldrun, qlive_core_skills, qlive_cityrocket and qlive_tow1f are the only maps with weapons. To cheat, run with practiceflags=3 to get max ammo.

    Not sure if ghost-jundo is possible - records only exist for cpm.

    [mapnames prefixed with qlive_ to distinguish .bsp files from originals]

    Info on original maps [don't download from here !]:

    qlive_100m http://ws.q3df.org/map/100m/
    qlive_abrun12 http://ws.q3df.org/map/abrun12/
    qlive_Bardok_Strafe1 http://ws.q3df.org/map/BardoK-Strafe1/ (in qlive_bardok_strafes.pk3)
    qlive_Bardok_Strafe2 http://ws.q3df.org/map/BardoK-Strafe2/ (in qlive_bardok_strafes.pk3)
    qlive_Bardok_Strafe3 http://ws.q3df.org/map/BardoK-Strafe3/ (in qlive_bardok_strafes.pk3)
    qlive_coldrun http://ws.q3df.org/map/coldrun/
    qlive_core_skills http://ws.q3df.org/map/core-skills/
    qlive_cityrocket http://ws.q3df.org/map/cityrocket/
    qlive_Daemond_ShortRun http://ws.q3df.org/map/Daemond-ShortRun/
    qlive_effect_arcaon http://ws.q3df.org/map/effect-arcaon/
    qlive_elco_cvl http://ws.q3df.org/map/elco-cvl/
    qlive_enz_05 http://ws.q3df.org/map/enz-05/
    qlive_ghost_egypt http://ws.q3df.org/map/ghost-egypt/
    qlive_ghost_jundo http://ws.q3df.org/map/ghost-jundo/
    qlive_ghost_lovet2 http://ws.q3df.org/map/ghost-lovet2/
    qlive_Killua_Tawa http://ws.q3df.org/map/Killua-Tawa/
    qlive_lovet_atom http://ws.q3df.org/map/lovet-atom/
    qlive_lovet_fakir http://ws.q3df.org/map/lovet-fakir/
    qlive_N3UR0_toxicshock http://ws.q3df.org/map/N3UR0_toxicshock/
    qlive_pornstar_12percent http://ws.q3df.org/map/pornstar-12percent/
    qlive_r7_nerubian http://ws.q3df.org/map/r7-nerubian/
    qlive_r7_xyligan http://ws.q3df.org/map/r7-xyligan/
    qlive_runsuka http://ws.q3df.org/map/RunSuka/
    qlive_spiritrun1 http://ws.q3df.org/map/SpiritRun1/
    qlive_techniq_run_006 http://ws.q3df.org/map/techniq_run_006/
    qlive_tow1f http://ws.q3df.org/map/tow1f/
    qlive_wraith_1_ramp http://ws.q3df.org/map/wraith%231-ramp/
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