Is there anybody out there who also seem to have major lags when using voice? And I don't mean any kind of spikes, just like all is "blurry". Really hard to describe. Well #1 problem -> my sensitivity ain't the same, my mouse reaction shows slower on the screen. Enemies I have locked aim on which normally gives 35-50% lg in situations gives me maybe 20-25%. Railgun useless in these cases aswell as you can imagine. Percentage goes down from stable 45-65% to 15-30%.

So shortly, all response is "lost". I guess I could compare it to playing on a 30hz monitor when you are used to 150hz.

Voice system: Microsoft USB life chat x-300. Computers own that isn't used is some CMedia (or similar name) that has issues with the motherboard so it's disabled. This is a QL only problem.

And before somebody suggests some placebo or similiar. Image "easy jumppad shots", those which you make 99/100. Try doing those 30/100 and feel how it feels