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Thread: fix character limits in the console

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    Senior Member M0NG3R is on a distinguished road
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    fix character limits in the console

    It's really annoying the way the chat limits were "fixed". i would rather have a lot of what i say in chat cut off than not be able to write anything past ~75 characters in the console. i like writing scripts in the console to test stuff out, but i cant write anything long or it will just get cut off. its REALLY frustrating.

    just remove the cap so i can type however much i want, and if i say something, it will be cut off. i didnt see any complaints about that before it was "fixed".

    another ingenious idea would be to remove the chat character limit altogether, so you can say as much as you want without any of it being cut off. or at least increase the limit so most long sentences are still intact. seriously...

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    They're busy "fixing" the game!

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    Banned TheMuffinMan86 will become famous soon enough TheMuffinMan86's Avatar
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    Agreed, remove it. It's goddamn annoying. Make the message text lines function properly instead of 'fixing' it by limiting chars.

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    I was thinking of starting a thread like this but did never

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