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Thread: The quakelive Fastcaps Thread

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    The quakelive Fastcaps Thread

    Who can capture fastest? There are 2 sections: weapons and non-weapons.

    General Rules:

    -this is the vQL-physics thread. If u are looking for PQL: here u go
    -normal ranked server config (no rampjump, no changed gravity etc.)
    -no runes, no powerups, no pickuble items with impact on your run allowed
    (example: quad on strafe = ok, quad on weapons = not ok)
    -straferuns: hold always gauntlet or mg in your hand
    -start the recording at 0 or ≤320 UPS
    -no hacks and cheats (exept god/give all for weapon runs, ONLY for weapon runs!)
    -u are allowed to use a portal from own base to enemy base to safe time look here
    -jumppads and teleporters allowed
    -u play alone on a practise match, or a server but make sure no other players effect your run
    -u can do your times on a vQL Race server
    -demo is needed! other is optional
    -pls name your demo! Best format is: Yournick_map_Strafe/Weapons_Time
    -for weapons: no proxy mines allowed, no grappling hook, u may only use weapons u find on the map
    -fastest time of each map will be updated. only first place for each strafe/wepons, no second or third
    -u may use(but dont need to) the bind from old Fastcaps thread:
    bind F8 "stoprecord; g_speed 1; g_gravity 1; g_knockback 1; record; wait; g_speed 320; g_gravity 800; g_knockback 1000; print ^7Demo Started"

    Base Siege
    Strafe: ZyaX: 11,549sec clickme
    Weapons: noobcake: 21,486sec clickme

    Beyond Reality
    Strafe: ZyaX: 4,247sec clickme
    Weapons: freakyskills: 3,993sec clickme

    Strafe: Nightmare: 18,042sec clickme
    Weapons: noobcake: 40,525sec clickme

    Camper Crossings
    Strafe: ZyaX: 10,897sec clickme

    Strafe: ZyaX: 10,780sec clickme
    Weapons: noobcake: 27,921sec clickme

    Distant Screams
    Strafe: Nightmare: 32,753sec clickme
    Weapons: noobcake: 1.54,281sec clickme

    Double Impact
    Strafe: Extremerz: 13,949sec clickme
    Weapons: noobcake: 53,033sec clickme

    Dueling Keeps
    Strafe: Nightmare: 9,640sec clickme
    Weapons: xas: 7,879sec clickme

    Fallout Bunker

    Strafe: ZyaX: 7,756sec clickme

    Strafe: ZyaX: 12,987sec clickme
    Weapons: noobcake: 38,443sec clickme

    Strafe: Extremerz: 8,475sec clickme
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