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I gues the problem is that maps do not download after installing the plugin. Or mayby they are downloaded but filnemes are wrong or sometning and they have to be redownloaded.
No, it's done in three stages:
1. Plugin install.
2. Download binaries (bin.pk3) + global data (pak*.pk3) - this is the updating screen.
3. Download maps (all the map files like arenagate.pk3) - this is done in the background later.

So you get a "Play now!" button after step 2 finishes, but also get a tiny progress indicator on the top. If you connect to a server playing map that you haven't downloaded, it will be downloaded on priority. Whenever you quit the game, it will continue downloading everything else that's free, up until you're fully updated.

Premium arenas are downloaded automatically by premium/pro players. Standard players only download them on demand. The idea behind this is that you normally won't play a lot of premium stuff if you aren't invited, so it's better to save your time and bandwidth.

Practice games defaulting to premium maps are a clear bug, but minor (the game is an online shooter, that's the only part that matters).