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Thread: Standard vs Premium separation

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    Quote Originally Posted by malk_ View Post
    I think atm it works quite well. When I'm on a premium server I get messages from friends to send them an invite. I do, the connect, we play, fun! However, I hope the low population of preium servers will sort itself out.
    I just agree with this and do the same. The low premium public server population could be possibly due many private servers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ranatalus View Post
    I imagine that, as new maps get released/old maps get licensed and ported, maps that have been premium only for a while will become public.
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    the low population of preium servers is due to the paymant problems and his few methods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alterik View Post
    What has basically happened with this update is that there are still A LOT of people who don't feel the need to pay and is making it seem like there aren't many premium servers to play the new maps on etc.


    Try and make it so the new premium maps get slowly pushed out to free standard users so that we can play the new content regardless of how many premium players are currently online. Maybe make it so premium/pro accounts get access to the new maps a month in advance or something before moving it to be accessible on free servers.
    I'm sure this has been covered in the preceding posts, but he way the rotation is set up pretty much already takes care of that: new maps that come out are locked down as subscription content only for a limited period of time after which they get added into the standard rotation.

    not only that, but subscribers can invite their non-subscriber friends to play the new maps even while they are still subscription-only. If you have 2 friends that are subscribers, they can each invite 5 non-subscribers which is plenty to have a good match as long as between the three of you you have enough friends to fill a server.

    On top of all that, on a regular basis they open up ALL the maps to EVERYONE to play, usually around the big holidays when there's a lot of people not at school or work and it will reach the most people.

    I honestly think that this is plenty, and maybe even a bit too generous, though it's worked out to my personal advantage during a time in my life when I've had trouble scraping two pennies together to keep warm in the winter, if you know what I mean, and I know I'm definitely not alone in this.

    If I was to make any suggestions in this regard, it would be to sweeten the deal for subscribers by providing them with more subscriber-only content.

    For instance,
    • how about an expanded choice of map textures and model skins for premium players? non premium players wouldn't have access to them even if they were invited to premium matches. Premium Map texures choices could be setup as choosable themes that are available through the menu system but would default to "standard". as an example possible themes could be "Standard, Gothic, Space, Retro-quake, Oriental, WW2" and would only apply to building walls and interiors.
    • How about access to test servers like the ones we used to have. Not the one that's completely separate for alpha content, but maybe beta content that's available for a one week trial or something.
    • how about free Quake merch with a subscription? a choice of a t-shirt, hat, hoodie, etc. with an exclusive design only available for that year. One free to each subscriber (up to a given dollar amount, items over that amount would be discounted) non-subscribers would pay full price. There are lots of people that would go for this, especially us old-timers in the Quake community that are still playing after 20 years.

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