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Thread: Internet Explorer advertisement causes Quake to hang [merged thread]

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    Internet Explorer advertisement causes Quake to hang [merged thread]

    Ok I know this is a bug now. On my friends machine he also hangs at the end of the adtech IE 9 advert. The game fails to launch after the advertisement. We always have to wait until it cycles to a new ad to be able to play. This has been going on for a few days now.

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    Yes I can confirm this bug. I get the exact same thing. The game fails to load only after the IE9 advetisement, all others work properly.

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    HaHa I think that's hilarious seeing how internet explorer is the shakiest web browser available. Yea it's happening to me too : / didn't think i would be so happy to see on of those Zurich ad's (the ones with the really loud sound)

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    Same issue here. Seems to be the only ad I get unfortunately.

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    Senior Member Sheleft is on a distinguished road
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    same here
    not just the IE ads either, had it happen with several different ads. it either locks up exactly 4 seconds into the ad or goes the full 15 then freezes.
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    Ditto, Tried 5 times and each time I sat through the IE Ad for 15 seconds. Talk about bad advertising and bad placement.

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    Yep same thing, but I think I know why. ID wants you to go pro no ads no hang that simple. Wait maybe that isn't the issue maybe it's just bad code, could that be in Quake live? LOL

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    Ie9 ad loading lockup bug ftl

    I know this game's free and all so people shouldn't really complain, but dude.
    There are threads detailing that your IE9 ad locks up the loading process and even then nothing is done. I still get those ads and the lockup still happens. Just kind of sad that such a ridiculous, easily fixable bug is just creating a lot of wasted time. I'm losing hope in the fact that anyone is actually working to fix anything.

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    Same here, it is completely locking up. It is as if they don't even care.

    Developer: "Hey guys, we should kill they game off the rest of the way with this janky IE add. This way, we can stop listening to all the *****ing on the forums."

    Developers, developers, developers, developers.

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    Aside from what's already been mentioned, what I like is when you go to turn the volume down on the ad (because ofcourse it has to be full volume and blaring like there's no tomorrow) your cursor disappears as if you were entering the game. You only get your cursor back at like 13 sec into the ad, when all the audio is finished. Excellent finishing touch, hats off.

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