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Thread: Community made addons

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    Quote Originally Posted by SLAYER___ View Post
    What do you think about this?

    this is damn nice tool....virustotal+upload it on ql attachment so we can review...english?
    Quote Originally Posted by Downlink View Post
    Add A Killcam Maybe?
    Only available for COD MW3 owners!Coming soon i next update....

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    pfffft... nice. i wish i would have more info about this.

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    Hi. If you want to test it just download this package and read installation guide.


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    The 2 times banned cheater.I dont know how anyone can join this clan leaded by a cheater....
    clan n1. and LG.almost same players like IK and #Live ,
    Now he has N.1 and LG.

    Like before he is always specing his mates while playing, cauz they loose if he plays
    Same system:add random player with good stats from anywhere
    Look when they played last game (banned) and look when air_avek made his acount

    He thinks we are all stupid and no one will notice


    Air_Avek/Fab1o/Yahooa121 get out of ql bastard....
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    Russia, Smolensk

    All awards

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    nice little list... ill be adding it with the new release of addons, ty!

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    Technically not addons, but should be listed somewhere.

    Where and how to watch QL streams:
    - http://esreality.com/?a=news. Stream side bar on the right, "QL". The only worth watching streams have over 200 viewers.
    - In general terms the best english speaking streams are:
    http://www.twitch.tv/faceittv/ (faceit cups. Wednesday lvl10 and sundays, some others),
    http://www.twitch.tv/ZootLive (125fps daily cups, some faceit cups),
    http://www.twitch.tv/leveluptv (tdm, both clans and nations).

    QL international LANs: http://www.quakehistory.com/en/event...,date,desc,all
    - In order to search the actual vods in google, twitch and youtube, some keywords are dreamhackql (winter and summer every year), iem (intel extreme masters. Several a year), quakecon, adroits, ugc (stermy's lan), asus, gd studio.

    What streams and tournaments are going to be played each week. Info about previous tournaments:
    - http://esreality.com/post/2406442/up...e-ql-8-14-apr/ (Different thread every week on the main page).
    - Right now there are practically no lan tournaments, but the scene is very much active on the online side of things ($$ cups almost every day). That's why current online cups actually matter nowadays (faceit, 125fps) and some of the best ql matches ever happened on those, so search for info and vods on the above links.
    - Practically everything is on esreality. That means google what you want to search, for example moscow quake lan party 17 (great russian lan), then click on the esreality link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolzy View Post
    Real, true CA is a game of chess

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    The latest userscript system for QL Standalone (and Steam) is extraQL.
    It comes with a wide selection of userscripts to improve the web UI or add console commands:
    - QLRanks.com display (shows "Elo" scores in various places in the UI and also via in-game commands)
    - Alt Browser (alternative game browser in a table view)
    - Layout Resizer (adjusts many areas of the web UI to better fit your screen/window size)
    - Twitch integration (live streams, stream archive and VODs)
    - ...

    See the Wiki for a detailed list of included scripts and screenshots.
    Installation instructions can be found on the Download page.

    Screenshot with most scripts activated: http://beham.biz/extraQL/overview1.png
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    Yeah an update was long overdue. I also removed some of the non-working links.

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