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Thread: Linkify Plus Red Links - Linkify Quake Live chat links (Greasemonkey script)

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    You can install it into qlprism. It's easy.

    Just do this:
    script to qlprism.gif
    (Click the thumbnail above to see better)

    The link to this script:
    Direct link to script: http://userscripts.org/scripts/source/96307.user.js
    It might work by just clicking on it too.

    I have the direct link to most of my scrips on forums.

    You can download any userscript into qlprism by adding the direct link to script like in the picture, just go with your browser to script page, right click the link to the script and choose to copy the link.
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    No I meant that it should be part of the installed scripts as per default in qlprism.

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