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  1. The installer to get on here is not working.

    When I sing in, I have to read the agreement then the installer pops up.
    I clicked the run option and it installes something and I have to close the window.
    After that I see that it says setup will...
  2. Quake 3 freezes after 50 seconds online.

    I did a fresh install of Q3 after un installing it and removing hopefully all the files.
    I did the last patch downloaded from id's website.
    When I click on multi-player and get a list, I join a...
  3. Hello Lorfa, I am useing win 7x64 and firefox,...

    Hello Lorfa,
    I am useing win 7x64 and firefox, not IE.
    Another issue just came up when I am playing quake 3 arena after five mins, quake freezes and I have to open the task mgr to
    unload it....
  4. Quake live install progrm just stops working after I install the plugin

    I had to read the new lic agreement witch is quite a thing in itself. 100% there way and zero % our way. nice. I clicked the agree and I had to install Plugin Installation
    Your download will begin...
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