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    done! cool transatlantic duel :)

    done! cool transatlantic duel :)
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    low mid duel partner needed

    hey there,

    i am located in germany and want to practice
    a little bit more now. if you feel like you more low
    then mid but still not a beginner please add me to your
    friends list.

    some days...
  3. looking for teacher! really (maybe also for money)

    hey guys,

    i am playing ql again now and i want
    to take it serios, sort of!
    hard to tell what kind of level i have, guess low.

    i want to talk to somebody that maybe analyses
    my gamestyle and...
  4. please add me! lowskilled hobby quaker


    my name is ronny and i play quake for some months and most time against bots :)
    everytime i play online i got destroyed and my opponents get bored ...

    just want to have some fun and learn...
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