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  1. Major bug in Corrosion (spinning cylinder)

    In corrosion, a giant spinning cylinder appeared in the center of the arena, lower floor.
    If you walked into the cylinder, you would get squished. I attached a picture of it.

  2. PLEASE a level without the lightning gun

    The LG ruins quakelive. There is no skill involved, and it is significantly stronger than any of the other weapons. If you wont tone it down any, then please at least make some levels that dont have...
  3. Really disappointing that id software doesn't...

    Really disappointing that id software doesn't make any new levels. I let my premium lapse, because id isnt maintaining this game. id thinks calling a existing lame ass map new, is funny. Its not....
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    People quit because all the good players are on...

    People quit because all the good players are on one team, and the noobs are on the other. When the game is guaranteed to end 8-0, and your on the losing team, its hard not to go look for a different...
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    Lightning gun ruins this game

    Is the lightning gun supposed to be the most powerful gun in the game?
    Opponents can kill you in about 1 second with the LG.

    If you not going to reduce its power, how about not having it in every...
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    Lightning gun ruins this game

    The lightning gun kills me in less than a second. I cant even move. Why does it have to be in every level. The lg totally ruins the game.
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    Lightning Gun is total ******

    Using the lightning gun, A person with a 30 ping does 2x the damage as someone with a 60 ping. They can kill a 100/100 player in less than 1 second. No other gun can kill like lightning gun, which...
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    Why cant i see full servers?

    Why cant i see full servers?

    It makes me think that nobody is playing quake.
    Like right now, there is apparently 0 players in CTF, and 3 players in FFA.

    If i could see a full server, i might...
  9. Premium is a waste of money without players

    Premium servers are empty all day.
    It was great when the public was allowed to play premium.

    Now that they are gone, the premium servers are empty again.

    id please let regular players into...
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