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  1. Thread: 4on4 CA team

    by Stifl3R

    i am intressted i will help u guys out :) if u...

    i am intressted i will help u guys out :) if u need a extra man :D

    i am T4 CA player xD

    with some skills that i am willing to throw at the enemy :)

    add me up to ur friends and u can ask me...
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    looking for a HoQ league clan


    i have just relised that the House Of Quake League starts soon.
    so i am looking for a clan that is part of it so i can be in the Fun as well :)

    i am T4 CA .. average player .. add me...
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    Quakelive SpartanZ Recruiting

    hello everyone .

    New clan Quakelive SpartanZ 300. are recently made and looking for players of all skill levels. we will be based in CA but hope to find the feeling for another mode.
    maybe like...
  4. we are Europe clan .. clan arena yes ... feel...

    we are Europe clan .. clan arena yes ... feel free to add me up if u intressted
  5. New Clan looking for Members of any skill level :)

    Hello everyone

    i have made a clan for players who want to play as a Team and have fun with the community .. i am looking for CA players T3 - T4 anyone

    if you are intressted add me up to...
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