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  1. Bugger! my bad I meant premium.

    Bugger! my bad I meant premium.
  2. I was happy to pay and have a pro subscription...

    I was happy to pay and have a pro subscription but I have now cancelled my renewal. I am not being forced to play content in a game that I have paid for. I have also bought Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Doom 3 and...
  3. Look i've paid my money so let me choose my maps.....renewal cancelled .!.

    I must admit I don't play that often but I supported ID and paid for a pro account. I can see absolutely no good reason at all whatsoever for not being able to vote for whatever map I choose. I...
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    Silent Night?

    Dear God

    Having played since q1 first arrived on the scene I've seen some garbage but Silent Night? Really???

    Confine this rubbish to where it belongs, in the bin.

    See if someone can wake up...
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